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Innovate faster. Reduce complexity. Adapt quickly to changes. And maintain security.

Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. Through its numerous acquired subsidiaries, such as OpenDNS WebEx, Jabber and Jasper, it specialises into specific technology markets, such as IoT, domain security and energy management.

At Opentec, we consult, integrate, build and help deploy Cisco solutions. Our Cisco relationship is long standing, highly strategic and truly end to end. Delivering the most outstanding levels of value and service available in the channel today, we’re poised to help you succeed with Cisco.


Why choose Cisco Networking?

Cloud, mobility, AI and IoT put the network firmly at the centre of business. Network owners need to provision and modify networks – segmenting users, groups, applications and IoT devices – without compromising security or performance.

In this new era in networking, Cisco DNA overcomes challenges with end-to-end network policy translation, automation and assurance, and intent-based networking. As Cisco’s leading distribution partner, we’re ideally positioned to help partners succeed with Comstor Networking team.

Why choose Cisco Security?

Security from Cisco brings many benefits. Its market leadership, outstanding threat protection and prevention, end-to-end portfolio and innovation make it a 'go-to' vendor.

Cisco’s Talos team of 250 threat researchers analyse 100TB of threat analysis daily to protect against attacks and malware. The Talos team can detect and respond to threats within hours, so end-customers can rest assured they’re in good hands.