Passport ID Scan Solutions

ID Verification and Document Reader Solutions

Document Verification & Authentication with Gemalto Document Readers

Gemalto offers a range of document reader solutions that meet the demands of Travel, Border and Identity Management applications, enabling document verification and identity authentication in a simple and efficient manner.

Gemalto document readers are capable of reading:

    • passports and other travel documents
    • drivers licenses
    • IDs and eIDs

ID & Passport authentication solutions

​Our document reading products are working in these environments:

  • Border control: Travel document verification and authentication at kiosks and electronic gates ​
  • Financial: ID verification for new account enrollment for banks and for check cashing
  • Retail: ID fraud and financial loss prevention for mobile phone stores and car rental agencies
  • Hospitality: Hotel and Casino guest ID data extraction such as age verification & vendors and employees vetting​

Document verification: Passport & ID readers overview​